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Pre-School Assessment Centre Sensory Play Room
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To raise £150,000 to build and fit out a sensory play room in Pre-School Assessment Centre (PSAC)


To create a sensory enriched environment designed to support children with multi-sensory processing difficulties.


Children develop their auditory, visual, oral and vestibular information in unique personal ways and all of these are vital building blocks along the journey to becoming competent adults.

Research has proved that children with pervasive developmental disorders, whilst tenacious in their efforts, sometimes find learning confusing and distressing. Further research has shown that where an appropriate multi-sensory environment is provided, these unique learning styles and behaviours are challenged and positive changes evidenced.

Who are Pre-School Assessment Centre and what do they do?

The Centre is for children under five with special educational needs. They provide specialist teaching, strategies and therapies for children who appear to have a greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children their age and/or a disability which prevents or hinders a child of making use of the educational facilities provided for children of the same age.

PSAC are a specialist team that come together from education, health , social, voluntary and care services to provide programmes for children with special needs within a care, treatment, advice , support and training framework. They have spearheaded a joined-up, integrated approach to children’s services and work with a wide range of partners on the Isle of Man to ensure children and families have access to the services and support they need.

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